Soldier vs. Gobbler: Guess Who Wins

SLRsponsorNWTFMarch 2014

Everyone has their big fish stories – you know, the one that got away? – well, here’s my story about missing my very first gobbler of the season.

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Dairy Delicious

February 2014

cowTwo years ago, I had the privilege of judging the Thomasville (Georgia) Rose Queen Pageant. If you’re not from around here, you might not know the Thomasville Rose Show & Festival is held at the end of April and it’s worth putting on the calendar. It can be a long day if you’re playing an official role, but the organizers really took care of us.

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A case of country Mafia? Not really.

January 2014

vickersIf you’re a southern landowner, you know about upkeep. There may be fences to mend, hunting plots to prep and livestock to feed. If you’re like me, you value the local business relationships that can help you get through the latest opportunities of the season.

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Our honey-drenched holiday

December 2013

honeyOne of the best-kept secrets of this southern region is beekeeping. Hives tend to be tucked away in the woods – away from commercial and residential areas – for obvious reasons. There are large commercial operations with thousands of hives and tiny backyard types on small acre tracts. Our family was on the receiving end of delicious results from one of the small operations at Christmas time.

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