Our honey-drenched holiday

December 2013

honeyOne of the best-kept secrets of this southern region is beekeeping. Hives tend to be tucked away in the woods – away from commercial and residential areas – for obvious reasons. There are large commercial operations with thousands of hives and tiny backyard types on small acre tracts. Our family was on the receiving end of delicious results from one of the small operations at Christmas time.

If you don’t know much about honey, you’ll find its production and harvesting a fascinating process. The bees go to different types of plants to gather nectar and two of the more popular ones in this area are tupelo and gallberry. Professional beekeeper Mallory Williams has an operation in Wewahitchka, where the gallberry bush thrives in moist flatlands. And small grocers and roadside farmer’s markets frequently feature products from local beekeepers. So next time you see a sign announcing, “Honey,” put on the brakes. A delicious, sticky moment is waiting. 
~ Rob Langford