Warrior Realtor

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REAL Trends’ Lives of Real Estate (LORE) Magazine recognized Broker-Associate Luke Murphy, calling him the “Warrior Realtor.” “I had fought on the land, defended it and now I’m working the land,” he says. As part of their “A Giving Heart” profile, LORE highlighted Luke’s volunteer work speaking on behalf of Homes for Our Troops and the Wounded Warrior Project. “I’ve always wanted to help people, I’m just doing it in a different way now. I always go back to the oath I took to defend our country and constitution, and that’s what continues to drive me.” Read more >>

Conservation Reserve Program Offers Landowners Opportunities

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We’re always on the lookout for ways to help landowners re-coup some of their costs on land management. And one opportunity we’ve seen in recent years comes through the US Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve Program.

Just this month, the USDA announced it had enrolled more than 800,000 acres in the CRP. What that means is that farmers, ranchers and other large landowners are receiving nearly $2 billion annually for restoring, enhancing and protecting certain grasses, shrubs and trees that improve water quality, prevent soil erosion and strengthen wildlife habitat.

Competition for the CRP is heavy, but it’s still worthwhile, especially when participation means your property is helping offset costs involved in its restoration and preservation.

To learn more about the recent announcement, review the USDA’s press release. Or, visit their website: http://www.fsa.usda.gov/programs-and-services/conservation-programs/index. You may also want to contact your consulting forester about this and other cost-share programs. If you need a referral, contact us.

- Rob Langford

Providing For the Generations...

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The Six “Toms,” from left, Ed Moore, Lee Williams, Jack Walker, Buzz Korst, Terry Lee and Jerry McDaniel

(of Toms, Jakes and quite a few Hens)

“Friends are relatives you make for yourself”

There are six benches around the fire pit and six chairs around the outdoor kitchen table. Six rocking chairs are on the cabin porch and six coffee mugs, plus six glasses – each one with a turkey on it – are on the shelf.

Welcome to Six Toms Farm.

At times, the story behind this 295-acre tract in Grady County, Georgia sounds like the stuff of legends. And like all good tales of lore, it has something to teach us – about friendship, loyalty and commitment.

It all started when a group of men, who were in the early part of their careers and had young families, starting pooling their funds for investments. It was 1963 and they all committed $15 a month to be used to buy stocks and other assets, including – in the later years – a multi-family housing project.

Twenty years into the practice, they made perhaps the best investment of all. It never once paid a dividend, but all felt its value was beyond price. It was a recreational and hunting tract about 30 minutes from Tallahassee, Florida. They named it Six Toms Farm, emphasizing the game they found most abundant.

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The “Doc” Owens Farm Story

ClarenceBOwensMany of us dream of having our own parcel of rural property for recreational interests such as hunting, perhaps combined with timber for investment. Some of the more ambitious among us may hope to try our hand at living off the land – raising crops, tending livestock, or even some aquaculture interests.

These pursuits, of course, are for our own enjoyment or benefit. But we recently learned of a person who had similar dreams, yet he pursued it to help his fellow man.

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Soldier’s Life Story is Award Winning

LukeAtFAPALRWe all love a good story. Consider reading one about a native Floridian who grew up in the woods and on back country roads, then went off to defend his country. My business partner Luke Murphy published his memoir, “Blasted by Adversity: the Making of a Wounded Warrior” and it recently received a President’s Book Award from the Florida Authors & Publishers Association. It’s a real tearjerker, but it will also make you laugh because it is full of “Luke-isms,” as we’ve come to call them in our office. When Luke talked about working with Julie Bettinger to write his story, I was fully supportive, even though we had just launched Southern Land Realty. I was among the first to pre-order the book and since it’s been published, I’ve sent copies to everyone from my son’s college Lacrosse coach to clients who I think need to hear this story. If you’re looking for a big dose of inspiration, with a little entertainment kicked in, order the book. And when you’re in the area, let us know. I’m sure we can arrange to get an autograph from the author.

- Rob Langford

The Great Outdoors

RobsSummerBlog2August, 2014

Being in the Great Outdoors is an awesome experience. Whether you are in the Southeastern or Northwestern part of the U.S., it doesn’t matter. There is always such beauty to enjoy and opportunities to create memories. At the end of the summer, part of our family vacation was spent backpacking, camping and fishing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in N.W. Montana. The experience changed all of us in ways we can’t describe, but that will remain with us all of our lives. Although the activities will differ on your farm in the south versus fishing “The Bob” in Montana, the life changing experience will be the same. Buy a farm and give it a try…

- Rob Langford

A Class Act

LukeHoldingMedalSmlVersionLuke leaned over and whispered, “You get the medal, not me, OK?”

We had been sitting at a banquet table in Orlando for about two hours, watching as nervous book authors waited for their category to be called and to learn if they’d won an award. The presenters would project the cover of a book on the screen and you’d hear squeals of laughter and congratulatory claps when an author realized it was their book. They dashed to the front of the room and bowed as the president of the Florida Authors & Publishers Association draped a hefty two-inch silver or gold medal dangling from thick ribbon around their neck.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott’s camp

June 2014

LukeVeteranVideoAs the political landscape begins to heat up with commercials, endorsements and certainly some blistering revelations, we’re proud of our very own Luke Murphy for being selected to work with Florida Governor Rick Scott’s camp. Luke received an invitation to be videotaped and later the governor called him personally to say thanks and ask about his health. Check out the YouTube video, where Luke talks about his personal experience of being wounded in Baghdad and tells how Florida is “just really vet-friendly.” The state has opened up lands for vets to hunt that were not open to the public in the past and made it easy for Luke – a Purple Heart recipient – to get a college education. You can’t miss the conviction in Luke’s voice when he asserts, “As a native of Florida and a two-time combat veteran, I support Rick Scott because he supports veterans, he turned our economy around – and what’s good for Florida is good for the United States of America.”

- Rob Langford

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