Area Life


Southern Land Realty covers key parts of the tri-state area including North and Northwest Florida, Southwest Georgia and Southeast Alabama. You will find this area rich in history, culture, simplicity and fine people. The "locals" in the small towns are genuine and neighborly types who care for the land and their communities. They tend to be good stewards who work hard to preserve the land's heritage, a bonus for preserving property values. Being a good steward and properly managing land is vital to ownership.

One of the greatest joys of this business is meeting people who appreciate southern land and helping them find the perfect tract. We asked a few of our clients to tell us about their experiences. You'll find them in the links below.

The Littlepage Story | Greg Winter’s Story | Scott McCollum’s Story | Dr. R. Bradford’s Story

Geography and Features

The diversity in the land of this tri-state area is one of its greatest attractions. The geography varies from piney flat woods and coastal salt marshes to level farmland, with its rich productive soils, and upland planted pine forests. There's even a "mountainous" region near Lake Seminole, a junction where Florida, Georgia and Alabama meet.

Spend some time here and you'll be able to imagine in your mind's eye the Indian villages perched on the high bluffs overlooking the Apalachicola River. The multitude of rivers and lakes in the region provide endless entertainment for the hunter, fisherman, boater, birder and outdoor enthusiast. The rivers pour into the Gulf of Mexico and create their own ecosystem that is home to many species of wildlife.

Pine timber is a flourishing industry and you'll note a large number of planted pines and an array of sawmills available to purchase wood from landowners. Farming is another large industry. The varied soil types enable farmers to plant different types of crops and the easy access to markets enables the farmer to be profitable.

So, whatever you are looking for in southern land, chances are good that you'll find it right here. Contact us and we'll help connect you to the perfect tract.